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Morgan R.

Auckland, New Zealand

Jacob Black is not your normal, corny, mic-happy wedding DJ. He is a professional, talented, music guru who will help you create the soundtrack to your perfect day if you let him. He also is an incredibly accomplished guitar (and many other stringed instruments) player, and we would highly suggest paying the extra to have him play live personalized arrangements at your ceremony.

Black Magic DJ was our wedding DJ, and it was awesome. It was really important to us to have a full dance floor where guests of all ages felt comfortable and excited to get down, and it totally happened. That takes a LOT of skill!

Kate H.

Kansas City, MO

Tony F.

Los Angeles, CA

Best. Wedding. DJ. EVER! Ok, so I've only been married once, but I have been to a lot of weddings, and this was top of the class. Was extremely professional when I contacted them about DJing my wedding. I felt the pre-wedding form really allowed me to show the music I liked (and I have some odd tastes) and disliked. Respectful and unassuming at the actual reception (unlike in-your-face-kind of DJs). The kind of guy you want to grab a beer with. He knew how to read my tastes, and that of the crowd, and really kept it going with GOOD music. Made the reception into a great party, which is exactly what we wanted.

Cindy L.

Kansas City, MO

My daughter used Black Magic DJ for her wedding and it was wonderful! He worked with her and her future husband to have the kind of music THEY wanted for their friends and guests. I've never been to a wedding that was so custom-designed musically. Thank you Jake!

Jolie L.

Seattle, WA

Jake of Black Magic was our DJ just this past weekend.  We had a Downton Abbey themed wedding and he rocked it.

My husband and I chose Jake for the following reasons:

1) Jake is a musician - not just a commercialized DJ doing cookie cutter weddings and trying to squeeze every cent out of you

2) Jake offered a flat rate for us - no hassle.  Many DJs we met try to get creative with how they take money from us.  Jake didn't do any of that - he kept it simple and classy.

3) Jake had a great attitude throughout since the first meeting to the day of the wedding

4) Jake understands music - we literally told him we need "1920's music", he picked the playlist and not only wowed us but we had a lot of feedback from our guests how great the music was.  Jake was able to tell us what will "actually" work for the wedding (sometimes what you think works in your head isn't the same thing as what actually works).

5) Jake was NOT cheesy - he kept the DJ talking low key, laid back, quite frankly pretty swank.

6)  Jake is flexible - instead of filling out his questionnaire we gave him an excel spreadsheet and he rolled with it.  

7) Jake is professional and PUNCTUAL - he arrived early on the day of to set up and didn't mind meeting us few weeks in advance to go over his equipment and lighting set up.  Jake did up-lighting for us and it was exceptional - created the "English Dinner" setting/mood that we wanted.

8) Jake is also pretty good looking and really tall - added class to our wedding :)  I had a lot of questions coming from female guests about him.

Will my husband and I recommend Jake?  Absolutely!!!  Go book him today!


Mercedes S.

Seattle, WA

Black Magic DJ was amazing as my wedding DJ.  He played the exact music I asked for and didn't play any music that was outside of the parameters given.  I was really worried about hiring one of those really annoying Jersey Shore type DJ's who loves to hear themselves over the microphone, and thankfully Jacob was exactly the opposite of that. He was responsive, kind, and paid attention to my requests.  He was definitely worth the money I paid, and then some!  My wedding will be featured on TLC's Four Weddings next year, so it was really important to me that we threw a party that was TV worthy.  With Black Magic DJ's help I think we did just that!

Allison B.

Seattle, WA

Jacob was such a pleasure to work with... Jacob really just let my husband and I do what we came there to do: get married and have a GREAT time. He was very professional and made sure he knew what we wanted, what we didn't want and what he needed to do to make sure things ran smoothly. Out of all our vendors, Jacob was the most self sufficient and knew what he needed to do and how to do it. Our wedding events took place in three different rooms and he had music, and sound ready and prepped for all three spaces. I would recommend Jacob to anyone who wants to feel completely confident in their DJ and wants their guests (of all ages and backgrounds) to dance and generally have a great time! Thank you Jacob!

Katie N.

Seattle, WA

Black Magic DJ was our DJ this past weekend at our wedding at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center and it was fantastic! He has a true appreciation for music and understands that the music at a wedding has to fit the couple. He was more than willing to find and play all of the random music selections I had requested in my overly controlling spreadsheet :) No typical DJ cheese, no music we didn't want, really fair flat rate fee and super friendly personality. We hired him on a friend's recommendation and couldn't be happier with our decision. Really recommend Jake for your wedding or any event, you get a nice guy, who loves music and genuinely cares about your event going well!!

Alanna K.

Seattle, WA

Jacob was my DJ for my wedding in June, 2014. I had contacted him over a year before, based on reviews I had read. He was professional from the beginning, and met with my then fiance and I to go over what we were looking for. He had a questionnaire that was extensive, but helpful for us to communicate what we did or didn't want. 

He checked in about a month before, and was open to any last minute song suggestions. 

On the day of our wedding, he came early to check out the space. He had offered to bring a small speaker to have at our small ceremony before the reception. He was friendly to guests, and truly professional the entire evening.  I really can't articulate enough how great he was! He played the songs we requested, and even stayed a couple of hours late because there were a few of us remaining on the dance floor! 

I highly recommend Black Magic DJ. Jacob remains calm and collected on a busy day which is very helpful. He feels like one of your guests and really aims to please. He even threw in a couple of extra songs he knew my dad liked! 

I am sure you have heard some bad DJ stories, and using Black Magic DJ will ensure that you never will have a bad DJ story to tell!

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